The Fred Harvey Museum

Mission Statement

    The Harvey Girl Historical Society's main goal is to preserve and promote a part of women's history that relates to the development of railroads in the western United States.  In doing so, it honors the brave and adventuresome women of the old west.  These women were among the early pioneers of respectable working women in the West.  Women destined to become Harvey Girls left the protection and poverty of home for the opportunity to travel, earn their own way in life and experience a bit of adventure.  They were willing to work long, hard hours for Fred Harvey.

    The HGHS does extensive research on the history of the Harvey Girls, the Fred Harvey Company and their relationship with the Santa Fe Railroad.  Women did have a place working for the railroads.  The stories we hope to collect and memorialize as a part of Western history are of strong, brave and intelligent women, primarily those who became Harvey Girls.  Their stories should be remembered.   We are developing a substantial collection of Harvey related historical artifacts into both static and traveling exhibits.

    HGHS members present interpretive history, wearing replicas of Harvey uniforms from the 1880's through the 1940's.  Speakers from the HGHS are available for seminars and presentations by request.

    At some of our meetings, we've had Harvey Girls, descendants of Harvey Girls and employees of the Harvey Company come and speak. 

    To our knowledge, this is the first group so named.  The Harvey Girl Historical Society of the OERM meets on the first Saturday of the month for brunch and a variety of activities and programs.  We work our meetings around established holidays and museum activities. Meetings start at 9:30 am and are held in The Fred Harvey Museum.  After attending 3 meetings, membership is necessary for continued involvement.  The plan for this group is to be a part of a variety of Museum activities to promote women's importance in the development of railways in the West.  To find out the months and dates of the meetings, click on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS button above.