The Fred Harvey Museum

Books We Recommend

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Appetite For America

How visionary businessman Fred Harvey built a railroad hospitality empire that civilized the wild west.

Author - Stephen Fried / ISBN #978-0-553-80437-9

Fred Harvey - Creator of Western Hospitality 

Author - William Patrick Armstrong / ISBN #0-97025-950-6

Fred Harvey Houses of the Southwest

Author - Richard Melzer / ISBN #13 978-0-7385-5631-4

The Harvey Girls - Women Who Opened the West

Author - Lesley Poling-Kemps / ISBN #1-56924-926-1

Meals By Fred Harvey

Author - James David Henderson

The Harvey Girls - The Women Who Civilized the West

Author - Juddi Morris / ISBN #0-8027-7520-9

Mimbres To Mimbreno - a study of Santa Fe's famous china pattern

Author - Richard W. Luckin / ISBN #0-9626362-1-5

Harvey Girl

Author - Sheila Wood Foard / ISBN #0-89672-570-7 (fiction with truth)

Diary Of A Waitress - the not so glamorous life of a Harvey Girl

Author - Carolyn Meyer / ISBN #978-1-62091-652-0 (fiction with truth)

When Molly Was A Harvey Girl

Author - Frances M. Wood / ISBN #978-1-935279-51-8 (fiction with truth)